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You don't need much to make the best coffee and tea at home or at the office. As long as you start with good, fresh coffeebeans or loose tea. Apart from that you just need a little love and a couple of tools.

F.A.Q. Office coffee

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Lemon Verbena

Out of stock

Lemon verbena is a caffeine-free herb that contains the same ingredients of lemon, orange and lemongr...

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Jasmine Green

€ 3,90

Green tea is scented traditionally with fresh jasmine blossoms. The semi-oxidized tea has taken on th...

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Peppermint Rooibos

€ 3,60

Peppermint Rooibos has a deep red infusion with a fresh minty flavour and aroma. The rooibos in the b...

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€ 3,35

Cherished throughout the world for its calming and digestive properties. Our chamomile gives a natura...

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Silver Needle

€ 10,00

Baihao Yinzhen is the Chinese name for this tea, which comes from the form in which the tea leaves ar...

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Earl Grey

€ 3,60

Our Earl Grey is a blend of a golden black tea from China's Yunnan province and bergamot citrus from ...

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Iron Goddess of Mercy

€ 5,40

Tieguanyin, named after the Chinese goddess of mercy Guanyin, is the most famous oolong available. In...

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