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V60 + Mini Mill Slim Starter Kit

€ 55,00

The perfect kit to make genius coffee at home from day 1. This is the kickstarter if you like to drink better coffee. A complete Hario V60 kit with server and filters, in combination with a Hario Mini Mill Slim and 3 Lucky Shots with each enough coffee to make a pot. You never started a hobby this easily!

The V60 is a barista's favorite and seen in many coffeeshops. This dripper kickstarted a renewed enthusiasm for filtered coffee, proven by the many [Youtube videos]((https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=hario+v60) with tutorials.

The V60, named after the angle of the conical dripper, makes with some patience and dedication genius coffee. This is particularly because of the unique design with which coffee is evenly extracted over the whole bed. The inside features ridges that guides the coffee and makes sure there is no vacuum.


  • HARIO V60 KIT (Hario V60 (plastic), Hario Server & 100 V60 Filters)

(This is a webshop-only deal.)

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