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Coffee subscription for espresso - 3 months

€ 49,50

Nothing is more annoying then finding out you're out of coffee when you are frying up some eggs on saturday morning. That's why we created our coffee subscription.

For 3 months you will receive a fresh bag of beans every other week. Your doormat will be welcoming our Oude School and Nieuwe School blends as well as an occasional Single Origin coffee. Specially packed in a sturdy envelope that will fit right through your letterbox so you do not need to be at home to receive the package.

With 2 x 250 gram a month you're all set for an average consumption of 16 cups a week. If you're not sure if you'll finish it all by yourself: please take in to account there will be more than enough people cueing up your door for a cup of coffee.

  • De first bag will be sent right after your order arrives
  • The remaining 5 bags will be sent every other week on thursdays, making sure you'll start the weekend with fresh coffee

ps. If you want to tailor your subscription to more specific needs, please check out our step-by-step guide on the homepage

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