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DIY Mushroom Farm Kit

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With this kit you can grow your own Oyster mushrooms on spend grounds from Coffeecompany. We couldn't think of a better and tastier use of our coffee waste!

DIY Mushroom Farm Kit

Spend grounds have all the right nutrients for mushrooms to grow on. The grounds are mixed with spores of oyster mushrooms and then ripened in a dark, warm place. The perfect new life for our espresso pucks!

De boxes are printed with clear instructions (in english). All you need to get this started is a knife, a bit of water and a comfortable spot. On average it takes 10 days before you can enjoy your first harvest. Normally a second harvest is achievable.

Fresh mushrooms are a real treat, much better than those packs in the supermarket. They are a nutrient and tasty meat replacer (as well as a meat companion of course).

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