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Nieuwe School Espresso blend

€ 7,20

Progressive since 1996. This blend continues on the traditions of our original house blend, created in 1996. Of all the coffees you drank at one of our coffeehouses, chances are, 90% were made with this blend.

With its fairly light roast and a big role for bright Ethiopian coffees, quite a progressive blend!

Over the years we have kept things fresh by continuously looking for new components, and roast profiles to get the most out of the coffee.

This blend plays well with milk, especially if you are a no-sugar kind of person.

For home use, this blend is a bit more demanding than our Oude School Blend. Things like water temp, dosage and grind are all important to get to the sweetspot of this coffee.

We advise: 19 grams ground coffee for 32 grams espresso with the water at 93 degrees.

The exact composition of the blend will change with the seasons and harvests, but the concept will remain. You can find the coffees featured in the blend on the bag, as with all of our coffees.

Current blend

40% Décio Bruxel, Brazil
30% Cajamarca, Peru
*30% Guji Natural'

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