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jalapa, guatemala

€ 7,30

For those who read what's in our Old School Espresso Blend, you might recognize the name: Jalapa.

jalapa, guatemala

We source this coffee through the company Prima Vera, a specialty coffee company from Guatemala with many relationships with producers throughout the country. Together we arrived at this coffee produced by small producers in the relatively unknown area of ​​Jalapa. A smooth, full-bodied coffee that makes our blend just a little fuller, with a hint of butterscotch.

This year the harvest was so good that we decided to also release the coffee as a filter. The perfect coffee for people who like a comfortable cup, perhaps so nice next to all the red / pink violence of the Guji and Kenya.

Fun fact: 2 of the biggest coffee nerds who ever worked at the CC work at Prima Vera, Kim and Stijn


Associated small producers of Jalapa region






fully washed

Tasting notes:

smooth and comfy coffee with caramel, milk chocolate and almonds.

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