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Swara AA

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Kenya is known for its fresh fruity washed coffees, one of our favorite origins! This Swara AA is a great coffee to introduce yourself to the profile.

swara AB

Kenya, with its high-altitude, fertile plantations, beautiful varieties and high-quality processing of washed coffees, is known for its popping fruity coffees. Quality also pays off here, because in the Kenyan auction system system the best processing stations and supplying producers receive a premium for the quality.

This Swara AA is a coffee that is composed of coffees from various cooperatives from Western and Central Kenya. Normally we usually buy coffee from 1 cooperative, but this composite lot was very convincing on the cupping table, in addition, the lot is fully traceable because it is a project 'vertically integrated'. The entire chain is therefore in the hands of the (Kenyan sister company) of our partner Sucafina Specialty.

The result is a very complete coffee that will appeal to many people, with a full body and flavor and in the background a pleasant dose of Kenya juicyness!


SL28, SL32 and Ruiru-11


Fully washed

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