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Oude School Capsules

€ 4,50

10 capsules filled with our house blend; the Oude School Espresso Blend. Full, sweet and fresh like 90s hip hop. Packed tightly and tightly sealed in a capsule, ready for the easiest way to great espresso at home.

specialty coffee in a capsule

With our new Old School Capsules we offer perhaps the easiest way to make the best coffee at home.

Head Coffee Roaster Lucas has developed a special roasting profile for these Old School Capsules. As a result, our house blend also comes into its own from the small and well-known capsule machine!

We recommend that you always use fresh water and set the machine for a "short" / "small" espresso shot. We like to drink the capsule as espresso, but the Oude School Capsule also works well under a layer of milk and milk foam (as a cappuccino or latte).


Good coffee often comes from a strong team effort. In the coffee world we call this a Blend. These are the coffees that make this capsule a dream team:

30% Amigos de Betania, Colombia

30% DB Estate Yellow Bourbon, Brazil

25% Jalapa, Guatemala

15% Sasaba, Ethiopia


10 plant-based (1) capsules, to be used in a Nespresso® (2) system.

  • (1) Recycling: The capsules are made from bioplastic and in theory compostable. However, it is unclear per municipality to what extent this will also be done quickly enough, so it is advisable to throw the capsules away with the residual waste. *

  • (2) Trademark of a third party who is not in any way related to Coffeecompany *

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