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We can get used to the delicious coffee from Cajamarca, Peru, so we are pleased to present you one for the third year in our range!


Cajamarca in the north of Peru has enormous potential for beautiful coffee. This is also proven by this Huabal, which with its comfortable chocolate flavors and subtle freshness is a fine all-round coffee that will appeal to everyone (without being boring).

The greatest profit can be gained in picking, processing and drying. Around 75% of small coffee producers in the region are not affiliated with an organization and are fully dependent on the internal market price for their income.

The importer through whom we purchased this coffee - Falcon - decided to open a purchasing station in Jean himself and start working directly with producers to to improve quality and to ensure that the premiums were paid directly to the producer himself.

Meanwhile, 300 registered producers are affiliated and are being trained by the chief agronomist Auber Terrones Rojas.

Since producers own relatively small amounts of land, they generally manage the farm and do the picking and processing themselves, drying the coffee on plastic lined patios at their houses.

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