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KeepCup reusable to go cup

€ 14,00

The perfect cup for the reuse generation in 3 CC colors and sizes small, medium and large. Enjoy 20 cents of discount on your coffee to go when you bring this cup and the first coffee is on us!

There's a KeepCup for all coffee drinkers! It doesn't matter if you're a flat white or medium caramel cappuccino lover, we've got you covered!

  • The blue (small) KeepCup is perfect for all of you who like their coffee small, such as the small cappuccino, small latte, flat white, cortado, small americano and espresso.

  • The pink (medium) KeepCup is for everyone who orders medium drinks, such as the medium cappuccino, medium latte, iced latte, tea and medium filter coffee.

  • The orange (large) KeepCup is made for the serial coffee drinker. This size fits drinks like the large latte, large cappuccino and large americano.

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