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Chemex - Glass handle

€ 42,00

“A table must be a table; a chair must be a chair; a bed must be a bed. When, in 1938, the personal desire for coffee came up, my aspect simply was: A coffeemaker must make coffee, and then I applied my knowledge of physics and chemistry." said Peter Schlubohm on the quintessential design of his coffee maker.

Seventy years later, one cannot only find it in many kitchen cabinets, but also in MoMa. But it is not only a beautiful brewing method. With some love and attention, it makes fantastic coffee.

The secret lies in the filters that are extra thick so they hold back a lot of oils and solids present in coffee grounds. The result is a very clean, light and fruity coffee. The conical shape of the Chemex provides longer contact time between coffee and water for a better extraction. All in all, it’s one of the best ways to impress your friends and family with your coffee skills at home. There are many conceivable recipes for the Chemex, but this is one to get you started:

Rinse the filter with hot water – these filters give off a lot of flavor. Add 30 grams of coarsely ground coffee in the filter (between paper filter and French press). Pour in 50ml water and wait for 30 seconds. The coffee should swell (that means it’s fresh!). Slowly pour 450ml of water in about four minutes, make sure that all coffee is extracted. Humbly accept the appreciation of your company.

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