Aeropress + Rhino Grinder Starter Kit

€ 75,00

The perfect package for a quick, fresh and tasty brew where ever you are. The indestructible Aeropress in combination with the arm powered Rhino Grinder is the ultimate survival kit for the true coffee adventurer. We throw in 3 little Lucky Shots filled with 18 grams of different single origin coffees so you can start pumping right away.


Wether it is in your kitchen, at the office or on the airplane table-right-in-front-of-you - yes, the Mile High Aeropress Club exists - with the Aeropress and Rhino Grinder you will never have to drink bad coffee. One could argue this is all you will need for a happy coffee life.

Nice detail: The Rhino Grinder fits right inside and on one of the tubes of the Aeropress for a space-saving travel kit.



(This is a webshop-only deal.)

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