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Kalita Wave Style Dripper Set

€ 49,00

With this dripper set, Coffeecompany's Jasper won 2nd price during the 2016 Dutch Brewers Cup. A Kalita dripper and pot, all in one!

This glass Kalita is perfect for a big pot of coffee. With it's glass design you can perfectly keep up with your brew. Filters (unbleached) are included.

How we brew it?

  • Rinse the filter with hot water (make sure you do not touch the edges with the pour, they are vulnerable).
  • Add 24 grams coarsely ground coffee (about metal filter setting).
  • Pour 80ml of hot water at 95º C, wait 40 seconds.
  • Slowly pour for about four minutes a total of 380ml of water.
  • Let the Kalita do its thing, this will take awhile.
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