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Kalita Wave Dripper 185 Stainless Steel

€ 34,50

The Wave has been gaining ground in recent years and for good reason: it's a brilliant device!

The design is based on the large filter machines. It features a flat bottom and filters with waves. Technical note: the extraction runs through the whole coffee bed, ensuring all coffee is extracted equally and consistently. Because of the shape of the filters, the water does not touch the edge and the temperature will be better maintained throughout the process.

How we brew it?

  • Set the Kalita on a pot or mug.
  • Rinse the filter with hot water (make sure you do not touch the edges with the pour, they are vulnerable).
  • Add 24 grams coarsely ground coffee (about metal filter setting).
  • Pour 80ml of hot water at 95º C, wait 40 seconds.
  • Slowly pour for about four minutes a total of 380ml of water.
  • Let the Kalita do its thing, this will take awhile.
  • Impress your friends.

PS: don't forget to order Kalita Filters with your dripper.

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