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Finca Filadelfia, Colombia

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Finca Filadelfia is back!

Finca Filadelfia, San Augustín, Huila, Colombia

Oscar is a typical Colombian coffee farmer. He owns a small piece of land where he grows his coffee and processes the beans in his own ‘beneficio’ (wet mill) next to the house where he lives with his family. Most of the coffee in Colombia ends up blended in a big ‘Café de Colombia’ blend. We tasted his coffee on our recent trip through Colombia and were able to visit Oscar and tell him how great his coffee was. We saved it from the big blend, brought it back home, and now it’s yours to enjoy. Thanks Oscar!

This is the 8th crop we have bought from Oscar. It is the "fly-crop" which is unique to Colombia (and parts of Kenya). In the south of Colombia this is the second, slightly smaller crop in april / may. The main crop is november / december although this year the main crop happend very early due to the early and hot summer.

It's Sunday, November 22nd 2015 and we're at at Mild Coffee Company Huila in Colombia. In front of us stands a table full of coffees from the region. For a coffee buyer this is the place where you first meet the coffee you're possibly buying: the cupping table. Today, there's clearly one winning coffee. It's Oscar Hoyas 'Finca Filadelfia' and we decide to jump into the car and visit Oscars farm in the San Augustín area.

The story continues... Oscars hacienda looks colored and very neatly. While his children play in an inflatable swimming pool, he and his wife receive us. We sit down to listen to his inspiring story. A story about the life of a coffee farmer without fancy website, wealthy family or famous name. There is no romantic side to this story, it's hard work before the coffee cherries can be harvested, and by the time the coffee is dry, the farmers piggy bank us usually already empty. In Oscars case, this means that he's not able to hire pickers, he and his wife have to hand pick all the coffee beans themselves. Besides, he does not have the financial sources to buy a engine and maintain it, therefor he operates the depulper - which separates the coffee beans from the pulp - by hand.

After Oscar finishes his story we tell him how eager we are on shipping his coffee to The Netherlands. We visit his Caturra trees that enjoy the shade of tensioned lines growing frijoles (beans) and congratulate him on his beautiful finca! This is the 8th harvest we buy from Oscar.


Oscar Hoyos, Finca Filadelfia


2019 - Fly crop




Fully Washed


1850 meters

Tasting notes:

Dark chocolate, red berries and panela.

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