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Karambi, Rwanda

€ 9,00

We have been a fan of Rwandan coffee since our enchanting visit in 2008, and this coffee shows why!

Karambi, Nyamasheke District, Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the rising stars in the world of specialty coffee and has proven itself in recent years to be at the top there. In the country of 1000 hills, a large part of the population depends on the yield of coffee. Since 2006, a huge quality improvement has been made with the help of American agricultural universities, coffee roasters and cuppers from all over the world and a driven young whisk coffee experts from Rwanda itself.

The fertile hills, Bourbon bushes and focus on quality make for beautiful coffees. Like this one from Karambi washing station.

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Fully Washed


1600 - 2000

Tasting notes:

Plush and juicy. Mandarin, berries and toffee.

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