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Our favourite brewing method. Simple, quick, clean and - more important - delicious. Perfect for one mug of coffee. This is the way to brew coffee at home. Also: handy on the road.

The aeropress comes with 350 filters

You know that assistant chemist from Breaking Bad who had invented a proprietary method of making coffee without the bitterness that you often get? That’s the Aeropress, but much simpler.

You know The Aerobie? Those the ring shaped frisbees that engineer Alan Adler designed in the 1980's? He was never satisfied with his coffee and thus invented his own brewing method. He knew that a lower temperature reduced bitterness and acidity, which made for a sweeter coffee and that paper filters ensured higher flavor clarity. The result was a circular tube with a paper filter at the bottom. A rubber ring presses the coffee through the filter.

The best thing about the Aeropress is that it is so versatile. No wonder that this is often the preferred method of the majority of our baristas. There are even annual Aeropress competitions! We’ll give you a recipe, please experiment with other methods! (Check Google for other methods)

  • Place the filter in the filter holder and rinse it.
  • Click the filter holder in the Aeropress and put it on a mug.
  • Add 18 grams of coffee (between paper filter and French press ground)
  • Add 220ml of water (about 85° C) in the Aeropress, making sure that all the coffee is wet.
  • Slowly stir five times.
  • Push slowly.
  • Do not push the last bit out. (That's bitter!)
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