You don't need much to make the best coffee and tea at home or at the office. As long as you start with good, fresh coffeebeans or loose tea. Apart from that you just need a little love and a couple of tools.

F.A.Q. Office coffee

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Kayon Mountain, Ethiopia

€ 8,55

This natural coffee is dried on raised beds in its own fruit. For around 12 to 20 days it is hand-tur...

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€ 8,25

If there was one coffee you could bring to the proverbial deserted island, we would be happy to choos...

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Finca Filadelfia, Colombia

€ 8,00

Finca Filadelfia is back!

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Kagumoni PB, Kenya

€ 10,00

Fruit forward coffee full of juicy red fruit, crisp acidity and great aromatics.

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€ 28,80

Muyongwe stole our hearts when tasting it in Rwanda back in 2008, now it features as the official cof...

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Coffee subscription for filter ...

€ 59,50

Nothing is more annoying then finding out you're out of coffee when you are frying up some eggs on sa...

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