You don't need much to make the best coffee and tea at home or at the office. As long as you start with good, fresh coffeebeans or loose tea. Apart from that you just need a little love and a couple of tools.

F.A.Q. Office coffee

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Hario Largo

€ 40,00

It’s well-known by now that great teas need space to properly extract. Hario has been making the most...

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€ 2,50

If you like high quality tea, you need to buy loose tea. That’s why we sell these tea bags in additio...

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Kalita Wave Dripper 185 Stainle...

€ 34,50

The Wave has been gaining ground in recent years and for good reason: it's a brilliant device!

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Hario Buono

€ 45,00

You may know Japan mostly from its teas, but it’s a country dead serious about coffee as well. Combin...

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Forlife Tea Infuser

€ 14,50

Enjoy your favorite tea everywhere you go! The stainless infuser with extra-fine holes enables you to...

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Aeropress filters

€ 5,95

Bleached filters are good for 350 aeropresses. That’s enough for months of mega delicious coffee.

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Hario Stand

€ 44,00

By itself this stand doesn’t help you that much. But combine it with a Hario Scale – for example, a K...

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Hario Scale

€ 59,95

When it comes to coffee, we can be real geeks. And geeks know this: knowledge is power. Hario has bee...

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Hario V60 Filters

€ 5,00

Cone shaped white paper filter for Hario's V60 size 02 pour-over brewers. Contains 40 disposable whit...

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Aeropress Filter Cap

€ 7,50

Lost your Filter cap? No stress! It happens to all of us. With this genuine Aeropress replacement fil...

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Chemex Filters

€ 9,00

Super thick paper filters for a clean cup of coffee. This box contains 100 filters.

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Hario Coffee Server Clear

€ 25,00

Heat resistant glass from Japanese manufacturer Hario. This one will fit 600 ml of good coffee.

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Kalita Wave Style Dripper Set

€ 49,00

With this dripper set, Coffeecompany's Jasper won 2nd price during the 2016 Dutch Brewers Cup. A Kali...

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Hario V60 Dripper Stainless Steel

€ 42,50

Back to black with this latest addition to the Hario V60 family.

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Hario Mini Mill Slim

€ 30,50

Small grinder with a great design without burning a hole in your pocket.

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Chemex Classic

€ 42,00

“A table must be a table; a chair must be a chair; a bed must be a bed. When, in 1938, the personal d...

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Kinto One Touch Teapot

€ 16,80

Of all the vessels to brew tea in, this might be one of the most simplistic and stylish solutions. Th...

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Hario V60 Dripper

€ 18,00

Pour Over brewing method made out of ceramic, a favorite of many baristas and as seen at many coffees...

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V60 + Mini Mill Slim Starter Kit

€ 55,00

The perfect kit to make genius coffee at home from day 1. This is the kickstarter if you like to drin...

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Rhino Grinder

€ 48,00

The first step to a better cup of joe at home (or at the campside): freshly grinded beans.

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€ 37,00

Our favourite brewing method. Simple, quick, clean and - more important - delicious. Perfect for one ...

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Babyshirt "Sleep is Overrated"

€ 12,95

A true Coffeecompany classic: the "sleep is overrated" baby shirt!

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Kalita Wave Starter Kit

€ 110,00

The Kalita Wave Kit is a complete setup including stainless steel dripper (185), stainless steel pot,...

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Chemex - Glass handle

€ 42,00

“A table must be a table; a chair must be a chair; a bed must be a bed. When, in 1938, the personal d...

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Aeropress + Rhino Grinder Start...

€ 75,00

The perfect package for a quick, fresh and tasty brew where ever you are. The indestructible Aeropres...

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Brewista Smart Brew Digital Ket...

€ 98,00

We own one ourselves. This kettle is beautiful and even makes temperature adjustable.

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Kalita Wave Filters 185

€ 8,00

If you own a Kalita Wave, you need these filters. They feature a flat bottom, and wavy edges – hence ...

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Hario Buono Copper

€ 130,00

For those who are not satisfied with stainless steel!

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Espro Press Medium

€ 109,00

The Espro Press is the simplest way to make a large amount of great coffee

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Kalita Wave Pot 1L

€ 74,00

Kalita doesn't stop at making beautiful drippers.

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