Zero Japan Small

€ 15,00

Ceramic dripper for easy brewing 1 - 2 cups of coffee, fits standard paper filters.

This is in our humble opinion the best oldschool dripper there is: the Zero Japan. Japanese ceramic design, with smaller holes in the base in order to ensure an extended contact time They use #2 filters you can find in any supermarket. With two slits in the base, you can make sure the mug or pot you use does not overflow. With this method, the speed of pouring is essential. A good kettle with a small spout helps (like the Hario Buono or Bonavita). But you can also try it first with a water cooker. You may try this recipe for a starter:

  • Flush the filter with hot water (so your coffee won’t taste like paper!)
  • Add 12 gr coffee in the dripper (ground to paper filter)
  • First add 30ml hot water (just off the boil) and wait half a minute (this is the ‚blooming phase’)
  • Now pour in about 2-3 minutes a total of 200 ml of water
  • Do a little ‚my coffee is almost ready’ dance
  • Enjoy!
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