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If there was one coffee you could bring to the proverbial deserted island, we would be happy to choose a fully washed Ethiopian.

Aricha, Yirgacheffe Ethiopia

Ethiopia has a special place in our hearts. Not only is it the motherland of coffee and the only place where coffee shrubs grow natively, it is also responsible for producing the very cups of coffee that make coffee lovers fall head over heels for specialty coffee.

Yirgacheffe, together with Sidamo and Harrar are the three leading 'appellation' in the Ethiopian specialty coffee market and carry flavour characteristics like flowery, tea-like, bergamot and honey.

about ECX

Coffee in Ethiopia has been traded on the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange since 2008. The ECX was established to create an element of collective bargaining for farmers who are not members of cooperatives or owning large estates. Previously, only a third of all the agricultural products produced in Ethiopia reached the market due to the high costs and risks involved with trading. There was no assurance of product quality or quantity which meant buyers would only trade with suppliers they knew and trusted. This resulted in many of Ethiopia’s agricultural producers becoming isolated from the market, forcing them to sell their produce to the nearest buyer, sometimes a chain of multiple middlemen, and leaving them unable to negotiate on price or improve their market position.


Sourced through ECX








1700 - 2000

Tasting notes:

Black tea, lemon and lime and thick chocolate.

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