Muralla del Macizo Espresso

€ 26,00

The 18 farmers of this Asociacion Muralla del Macizo - the massive wall - produce a coffee full of live and excitement. Hold on to your seats.

San Agustín, Huila, Colombia

Just of the road, a short drive from the coffee town of St Agustín you will find the association of Muralla del Macizo - Massive Wall - relating to the steep elevations of the area. 18 different producers in the lush and virile enviroment full of wild flowers, fruits and shade trees, work together to share best practices and quality control. During our last visit we had the chance to cup all of their individual coffees together with their very own coffee taster in training: . Tasting and valuating their own quality is one of the most emancipating skills to learn for producers, so this was great to see.


Asociacion Muralla del Macizo




Castillo, Caturra


Fully Washed1


1750–1800 masl

Tasting notes:

toffee, grapefruit, nuts and chocolate

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