Gera Farm, Ethiopia

€ 7,85

If there was one coffee you could bring to the proverbial deserted island, we would be happy to choose a fully washed Ethiopian.

Gera Farm, Jimma, Ethiopië

Selecting new crop is one of the more very exciting and sometimes nerve wrecking experiences of the year. Knowing the choice you make will end up in so many cups of coffee lovers the coming year - it is in ours - increases the pressure.

Historically we have ended up with a coffee from the famous Yirgacheffe region. This year however, we fell like a block for a great coffee from the Jimma region in West Ethiopia. With a big flavor for an Ethiopian and loads of black tea, forals and bright citric punch we believe we made the right choice.

The Jimma region is a upcoming region for great quality. Traditionally most coffees ended up in a low grade natural blend, but this great fully-washed-and-processed-with-care coffee shows the true potential. Elevation is high (1900 -2100) and no chemical fertilizers & insides are being used.

All coffees are shade grown coffee, conserved soil and water and protect pollution of the environment by enriching the soil with nitrogen fixing plants and left over litters.

hairloom: 74-165, 74-140, 74-110, 74-112, 74-4, 75-227


Gera Farm






Fully Washed


1900 - 2100 masl

Tasting notes:

Black tea, bright lemon and chocolate

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